Below are a few carefully selected questions we’ve been asked (or expect to be asked, anyway) concerning our large endeavor. We plan on adding additional questions and answers to our list, but for now these’ll have to do!
What is Million Dollar Chain?
Million Dollar Chain is another way to say “crazy hobbyist idea taken to extreme measures.” But, to put it succinctly enough, it’s a gigantic chain of cash.
Wait, What?
You can make chains out of just about anything you can fold. As hobbyists, we’ve done it with ordinary pieces of paper, gumball wrapers, and other household items, and, well, we think we’re pretty good at it! Million Dollar Chain might sound like a dumb way to waste a lot of time, but it’s really more of a personal challenge that we wanted to share with the world: We are making a money chain by wrapping together dollar bills in a manner we’ve outlined here for the curious eyes.
So, you’re taking five dollar bills and wrapping them together for…fun?
All manner of bills, actually. Singles, fivers, fifties, hundreds — they’re all going in the chain. We plan to tie it all together until we’ve made our goal.
Which is 1 million dollars?
Sounds like a scheme. Where’s this money coming from, and where is it going?
Right now, it’s coming from our own pockets. I guess we’re crazy or something, but we actually want to meet our goal, and do something with it. We want to make a world record with our chain, and we want the internet at large to come to our website and say “Gee, thats strange.” We like the attention, but more importantly we’re very interested in taking what was a hobby and turning it into something a bit bigger. You can read about the origins of our work here.

But you’re now accepting donations, so where does that money go? And what do people get for “feeding the chain”?
Part of accepting donations is to allow other people to be a part of something genuinely strange. As for the dynamic of actually helping the chain grow, there are quite a few benefits: For hobbyists, you get a place on the chain. This means you’ll also be in our contributors section on this site, and (when we break a world record or two) be recognized for your donation. We have in place a lot of interesting boons for people who help us get this done, but we’re still working out the details.
Sounds like you’re avoiding the question concerning where all this money ends up.
Every dollar we get will be in the chain, simple as that.
Do you get any of it?
You bet! A project this size isn’t just orchestrated by one man; we have numerous people (meet them here) working on this project, and we pay them out of our pockets. It’s basically a full-time job for all of them so, of course, they need to be paid. Beyond that, 10% of the chain will be donated to a charity of our choosing.
So what’s in it for us?
Be a part of an internet movement. Do something crazy. Get your name on the chain and maybe in Guinness. Become a part of a community. Get a whole bunch of chain-related junk. Get that fuzzy feeling from knowing you’re giving to charity. Recieve the wonderment that only involving yourself with a bunch of wacko hobbyist loons can give. Depending on who you are, this might not be enough. If you’re not already sold on it, you probably won’t magically change your mind about it.
What you’re saying is: Just do it, or don’t?
In a sense. Believe us when we say it: We desperately want you help. We think what we’re doing is a whole lot of fun, and that (if you’re crazy enough) it might mean the same to you as it does to us. We’re putting our time and money into our hobby, and have this site (and the associated “Feed the chain” store) in the hopes that others will want to join in. Maybe you don’t want to right now, or maybe you don’t think we’re legit, but before you decide, just look around. You can read about us, write us, see us on video, see the chain, learn to make your own – it’s all right here. We’re real people doing something cool. Heck, even if you don’t have even so much as a dollar to contribute, we want you in our forums
! We want to meet all the hobbyists out there, and we definately want to hear what people have to say about the Million Dollar Chain!